September 15, 2016

Queen of Kats Part 2 – Survival

Queen of Kats Book 2 Cover

They escaped her lethal present, now his past has caught up to them.

He’s the World’s Greatest Thief.
She’s his daring apprentice.
It’s just a simple heist.
Every one of those things is a lie.

Remarin and Kit have built a decent life for themselves in Casterlane after wandering for years, running from King Alexander I of Veosia, who also happens to be Kit’s usurping uncle. Kit is really Kitarina Rutvor, the heir to the throne of Veosia. But when her uncle murdered her father and plotted her demise, she vanished into the night with Remarin, a dashing thief.

But Remarin is much more than he seems, and his past is about to catch up to him in the person of the man sitting in the bar Remarin secretly owns.

Family drama, past loves, courtly intrigue, magic, daring heists, protective assassins and talking daggers all weave together in a tapestry of lies, loves, and legends that is Queen of Kats.

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