Cover - Soul Wars

Soul Wars: Collected Edition

“The Soul Wars is an exciting and fast-paced supernatural fantasy with twists and turns. Don’t miss this one! J.D. Blackrose is a notable new voice to keep your eye on.” – Linda Robertson, author of Jovienne A Valkyrie. A Vampire.  The world in the balance, with only these unlikely heroes to save it. Click on cover for[…]

Cover for Jazz City Blues

Jazz City Blues

Harker wakes up hung over in a gutter in New Orleans. Not for the first time. He stumbles into an old friend, and learns of a string of mysterious disappearances in The Big Easy. But nothing’s ever easy when Quincy Harker is involved. What is going on in the old cemetery? Where is that stripper[…]

Cover for Damnation

Quincy Harker Year Three

Damnation: Quest for Glory Book I collects the four novellas from Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter Year Three. The story concludes next year in Salvation: Quest for Glory Book II. Also included – Redemption Song, originally published in The Weird Wild West Anthology. Click on cover for details.