September 15, 2016

Queen of Kats Part 1 – Betrayal

Queen of Kats Book 1 Cover

It was supposed to be a simple job. Steal a gem, fence it to his normal guy, get paid and enjoy the company of one of Marie’s lovely ladies for the night.

Instead Remarin is running across rooftops dodging armored men and crossbow bolts, the blood of his favorite fence dripping from his enchanted talking dagger, with a rescued street urchin at his side.

As simple jobs go, this one leaves something to be desired.

Best-selling author John G. Hartness presents Queen of Kats: Book I – Betrayal, the first in a three-part serialized novel featuring Remarin, a thief with poor impulse control, Trand, his partner trapped inside a dagger for a dalliance with the wrong mage’s wife, and Kit, a street urchin with secrets of his own.

A light-hearted epic fantasy in the vein of David Eddings, Raymond Feist, Michael J. Sullivan and Fritz Leiber, Queen of Kats will be released as three quarterly novellas, each containing a complete portion of the novel. All three segments will be released by March 2016, when the full novel will be put on sale and the novellas will vanish into the ether, like all good thieves.

Included in Part I is Shadow Garden – a Deadly Curiosities short story from Gail Z. Martin!

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