May 27, 2017

Monsters Everywhere – Bubba the Monster Hunter Collection 3

Cover Art for Monsters Everywhere

Bubba’s back with three more tales of bullets, boobs and beer! The final three episodes of Bubba Season 1 include the hit prequel novella Family Tradition!

Sixteens Tons – Bubba’s back and he’s another day older and deeper in debt! Well, not really, but he’s butt-deep in goblins and running low on bullets!

Family Tradition – THIS is the story Bubba fans have been waiting for! How did Bubba become a monster hunter? What happened to his father? And what will he and Agent Amy have to deal with when they find him?

Final Countdown – In the startling climax to Bubba the Monster Hunter Season 1, Bubba returns home to take care of some unfinished business and rescue Uncle Father Joe from Bubba’s psychotic father.

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Also included in Bubba the Monster Hunter Season 1.