May 27, 2017

Family Tradition – A Bubba the Monster Hunter Prequel

Cover Art for Family Tradition

THIS is the story Bubba fans have been waiting for!

How did Bubba become a monster hunter?

What happened to his father?

What will he and Agent Amy have to deal with when they find him?

Join Bubba, Skeeter, Bertha and a lot more of the Bubba clan as we go deep into the past of everybody’s favorite XXXL-sized monster hunter. Plenty of action, booze and bloody fighting in this prelude to the Bubba the Monster Hunter series.

This ebook includes a short story from Eden Royce, entitle “Doc Buzzard’s Coffin,” a trip into the root magic world of SC’s low country.

Family Tradition is available for purchase at our partner distributors:

This prelude is also available in the Monsters Everywhere collection and Bubba the Monster Hunter Season 1.