December 4, 2017

The Depths of Time: A Shadow Council Archives Novella

Cover for The Depths of TimeFrom the far reaches of the Shadow Council Archives comes the thrilling adventure The Depths of Time!

They have worked behind the scenes of society for centuries, protecting humans from threats beyond their understanding. They are The Shadow Council, and these Archives are the stories of their members and adventures throughout recorded history. From folk heroes to monsters out of darkest nightmare, the Shadow Council Archives explore the world beyond mundane understanding.

Richard Francis Burton thought his life of adventure was slowing down until an odd woman named Elizabeth Marsh invited him on one final adventure—one he couldn’t resist. This adventure takes Burton and companion George Edward Challenger below the depths of the sea, through the spinning sands of time, and introduces him to the mysterious Captain Nemo. Will Burton’s thirst for adventure finally be sated? Will this voyage be his last? What will become of the mysterious Nemo and his companions? Find out as you travel through The Depths of Time.

Blending classic Allan Quartermaine-style adventure with Verne-esque science fiction, James Palmer builds a rollicking ride of mystery, suspense, and intrigue as these historical and literary figures band together to battle an ancient evil rising up from the depths.

Who will emerge from The Depths of Time?

This Shadow Council urban fantasy novella comes from the world of Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter. Similar in length to Bookshots, these novellas provide a glimpse behind the curtain at an urban fantasy world where demons walk the earth, and the monster may well be the hero.

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