New Novella Slate for 2017 to 2018

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Falstaff Books Announces Ambitious New Novella Slate for 2017-2018

The Misfit Toys of Fiction are at it again! Charlotte-based publisher Falstaff Books is proud to announce a slate of new loosely connected novellas by some of the finest writers in genre fiction, scheduled to release over the course of 2017-2018.

Building on the popular Bubba the Monster Hunter series, Falstaff announced the New Templar Knights series of novellas, featuring monster hunters from around the United States. As Bubba’s territory covers the Southeastern US, other hunters will handle other regions of the country. The New Templar Knights novellas will be written by best-selling and award-winning authors Eric Asher, Jay Requard, and Jaym Gates. The New Templar Knights novellas will begin in 2017.

Expanding on the popularity of John G. Hartness’ Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter series, Falstaff announces two new novella series. The Shadow Council Case Files, written by Hartness, will follow the adventures of the members of The Shadow Council, a group of unlikely heroes introduced in 2016’s Quincy Harker books. Made up of descendants of American and international folk tales and books, The Shadow Council works behind the scenes to battle supernatural threats across the United States, often facing everyday challenges while confronting the monsters that go bump in the night. Current Shadow Council members include Lucas Card (Dracula), Adam (Frankenstein’s Monster), Gabriella Van Helsing (descendant of Abraham Van Helsing), Jack Watson (great-grandson of Dr. John Watson), Quincy Harker (son of Jonathan Harker and Mina Murray), and Jo Henry (great-granddaughter of John Henry). The Shadow Council Case Files will follow the contemporary adventures of these heroes as they fight back against the things that go bump in the night.

In addition to the Shadow Council Case Files, Falstaff will also be publishing a series of novellas entitled The Shadow Council Archives, featuring tales from American and World history with a supernatural bent. A slate of talented writers have been contracted to write these stories scattered throughout the last three centuries, featuring some of the most famous and obscure heroes and monsters from folklore. Archive authors include Natania Barron, Alexandra Christian, Michael G. Williams, Misty Massey, and S. H. Roddey. This team of authors will handle characters from the Wild West to Edwardian New England to Europe as they tell the tales from the Archives of the Shadow Council.

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