Kickstarter: Lawless Lands

There’s something weird on the wind, blowing through the plains like magical tumbleweeds…

Okay, that sounded way cooler in my head. But there’s an awesome anthology coming soon from Falstaff Books called Lawless Lands, Tales of the Weird Frontier, and it features awesome authors like Jake Bible, Seanan McGuire, Laura Anne Gilman, Faith Hunter, and David B. Coe! You can get your copy reserved now in print or ebook, and get all sorts of other awesome backer rewards by going to the Kickstarter page for the project!

You can even get a full manuscript critique by Falstaff Publisher John Hartness, and find out what needs to happen to your book to make it publishable, or maybe it already is! This reward guarantees that your manuscript will make it to the top of the To Read pile!