Happy Thanksgiving

This year for Thanksgiving Falstaff Books will not be posting any marketing tweets. Our business is closed for today and our employees are with their families. We close knowing that there are others out there that cannot be with their loved ones, having to work on a day where people will care more about sales than they do those that are more important than making a buck. We salute those workers for their willingness to keep working to pay for themselves, their families, and we hope they get home in time to spend the evening with them. These may not be the people that run America, but they make America run. We hold them in our thoughts.

Happy Thanksgiving from us at Falstaff Books to our readers, our fellow publishers, and everyone that makes this world go around. We hope you have a fantastic day from now to hereafter.

– John Hartness (publisher, author, and editor), Jaym Gates (author and editor), and Jay Requard (author and editor)