May 27, 2017

Trouble in Mind (Bubba the Monster Hunter Collection 6)

Cover Art for Trouble in Mind

Things are steamrolling to a conclusion of Bubba Season Two in this collection of short stories featuring the biggest, baddest Monster Hunter east of the Mississippi! Bubba battles bullies, rock monsters, ghosts, werewolves and abandonment issues as we wrap up Season 2 with the final battle between Bubba and his brother Jason!

This collection of previously published Bubba stories includes –

Stone Cold Crazy – Bubba and Skeeter are chasing down bullies, but they’re not sure who the bad guys are in this Bubba the Monster Hunter short story! Somebody’s tearing up the schoolhouse and whopping up the baseball team, but is it a rock elemental or is it just desserts? Bubba and Skeeter confront some ugly truths in this timely story.

Rest High on that Mountain – Bubba’s back, and so is baby brother Jason! This time, Jason has sent a pack of wolves to terrorize Bubba’s Aunt Marion for a family heirloom that he thinks will help him take over the supernatural world. He hasn’t taken into account the strength of a mountain woman, or the love Bubba has for home and family. There’s a pack of wolves on the loose, but Bubba’s here, and he’s ready for a fight!

Bad Moon Rising – It’s a family feud in this climactic episode of Season 2! Bubba and Jason finally meet head to head, and Bubba’s world will never be the same!

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Also included in Bubba the Monster Hunter Season 2.