May 27, 2017

Bad Moon Rising – A Bubba the Monster Hunter Short Story

Cover Art for Bad Moon RisingIt’s a family feud in this climactic episode of Season 2! Bubba and Jason finally meet head to head, and Bubba’s world will never be the same!

Jason’s got an army of monsters ready to attack the home opener of Bubba’s beloved Georgia Bulldogs, and Bubba has to put a stop to his baby brother’s insanity once and for all before Jason takes over the supernatural world! It’s a bloody battles between the hedges to rival any SEC football game as Bubba, Skeeter, Agent Amy, Uncle Father Joe and a host of other special guests battle werewolves, sasquatch, vampires, and other supernatural baddies with the fate of the world, or at least the UGA football season, in the balance!

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This short story is also available in the Trouble in Mind collection and Bubba the Monster Hunter Season 2.