December 4, 2017

Souls Rise: Book 3 of the Soul Wars

Cover for Souls RiseBook 3 of the stunning new fantasy series The Soul Wars takes the story back in time before the stunning conclusion in Book 4!

J.D. Blackrose grasps you by the throat, flying you away on a journey through a dangerous world where the sins of the fathers trickle down through the bloodlines. Extremely well-developed characters, sinister plots, and meticulous attention to detail leave you begging for more.”Shayne Silvers, author of the Nate Temple Urban Fantasy series.

The Soul Wars is an exciting and fast-paced supernatural fantasy with twists and turns. Don’t miss this one! J.D. Blackrose is a notable new voice to keep your eye on.” – Linda Robertson, author of Jovienne

The story goes back in time to World War II Paris, 1944, to learn what made Gaspard leave Europe and head for the United States. Vampires, demons, Nazis, and Gaspard’s first love intertwine in a fast-paced story that explains why some vampires have souls and some don’t. In the end, Gaspard finds himself sharing drinks with a major player in the game and starts to wonder how much of his life has been manipulated by powers larger than he is.

The Soul Wars novella series is a new series of short novels, similar to BookShots. Souls Rise is the third in the series by urban fantasy author J.D. Blackrose.

Other books available in this series:

Souls Collide: Book 1 of the Soul Wars
Souls Fall: Book 2 of the Soul Wars
Souls Unite: Book 4 of the Soul Wars

And the entire series is also available in one volume – The Soul Wars: Collected Edition.

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