August 28, 2017

ShinePunk: A Beauregard the Monster Hunter Collection

He’s the O.B. – Original Bubba, and he’s here to bust your gut laughing. This collection of steampunk short stories is sure to leave you rolling in the aisles.

Beauregard Ulysses Brabham is the moonshine-drinking, butt-kicking Great-Grandfather to today’s favorite redneck half-baked almost government agent Bubba the Monster Hunter. These stories explain how the Brabham family got mixed up in monster hunting, where his magical sword came from, and how Bubba got his inhuman tolerance for moonshine. (Hint: genetics)

ShinePunk is a collection of four short stories guaranteed to make you want to twist the top off a Mason jar and down yourself a slash of that good old Mountain Dew.

And we ain’t talking about anything you can buy in a convenience store.

Includes – Fire on the Mountain
White Lightnin’
A Haint in the Holler
County Fairy Tale

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