May 27, 2017

Fire on the Mountain: A Beauregard the Monster Hunter Short Story

Cover Art for Fire on the Mountain

What do you get when one of urban fantasy’s funniest writers puts his hillbilly spin on steampunk? Shinepunk, of course! Shades of Hartness’ beloved Bubba the Monster Hunter permeate this hilarious steampunk-inspired short story.

The original Bubba – Great-Grandpappy Beauregard – sets out with his brilliant and overbearing sister Octavia to find out what links the disappearance of nearby children with the strange lights and fires up the mountain. There’s a tech wizard, a preacher, a bad guy to unleash some whoop-ass onto, and a drunken redneck. Sounds like turn-of-the-century Bubba to me!

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Also available in the ShinePunk collection.