November 15, 2016

Heaven Help Us (Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter Book 7)


He’s Quincy Harker, the unaging son of Jonathan Harker and Mina Murray. His guardian angel calls him “Q.” Dracula calls him “nephew.” His bosses call him a pain in the ass. Demons call him The Reaper.

On the run and reeling from his bloody battle with the demon Orobas, all Harker wants to do is lie low in Lockton, Ohio for a few months and let his physical and spiritual wounds heal. But there are werewolves in the diner, and magically-talented teenagers disappearing all over town. Now Harker’s hip-deep in demons again, but this time he’s got no backup.

Meanwhile. Detective Rebecca Gayle Flynn and the rest of Harker’s team are back home in Charlotte, NC, trying to prove his innocence and figure out Orobas’ next move. But no one knows how corrupt Homeland Security or the police department are, or how high the scandal runs. And now some guy shows up claiming to be the great-great-grandson of Doctor Watson (yeah, that Dr. Watson) offering to help?

Will Harker survive a battle with Hell in a small town all on his own?

Can Flynn and Uncle Luke find the proof they need to bring Harker home?

Will they stop Orobas’ master plan before he unleashes Hell on Earth?

Who is this mysterious Shadow Council, and what do they want?

When all else fails on Earth, will Heaven Help Us?

“If you love action-packed dark edged urban fantasy with mystery, humor and a lot of foul language then check this one out.”Sharon Stogner, I Smell Sheep

He’s the immortal magic-wielding child of Jonathan Harker and Mina Murray from the classic novel Dracula. But to him it’s not a story, it’s family history. Quincy Harker is what you’d get if Supernatural were produced by HBO and taken to the darkest of dark sides. When things go bump in the night, he bumps right back.

Heaven Help Us is Book #7 of the best-selling Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter series. Book #1 of the series, Raising Hell, was awarded the 2016 Manly Wade Wellman Award by the NC Speculative Fiction Foundation.

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Also available in Quincy Harker Year Two: The Cambion Cycle.