May 26, 2017

Devil Inside: A Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter Urban Fantasy Novella

Cover Art for Devil Inside (Quincy Harker)

Quincy Harker is back!

The Quest for Glory continues as Quincy Harker travels to Charleston looking for a missing Archangel and becomes embroiled in local magical turf wars and potentially murderous politics. Things really heat up when an evil wizard tries to burn the city to the ground, with Harker at ground zero in the conflagration!

Glory gave up her wings to save the world, now Harker and the Shadow Council are working to get them back. To do that, they have to locate eight AWOL Archangels and convince them to go back to work. But not all these angels want to get back to the business of Heaven, and not all of them even remember who they are.

The Quest for Glory started in Calling All Angels, continues in Devil Inside, and will traverse eight novellas in total over 2017.

The Manly Wade Wellman Award-Winning Quincy Harker novellas are short novellas, similar to James Patterson Bookshots in length. These urban fantasy novellas are perfect for commuters, business travelers, and people with only short bursts of reading time.

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Also available in the Quincy Harker Year Three collection.