May 27, 2017

Dead Man’s Party (Bubba the Monster Hunter Collection 4)

Cover Art for Dead Man's PartyBubba’s back, but will he be the same after the events of Bubba Season 1? Check out the first four adventures from Bubba the Monster Hunter Season 2 in this collected edition. Dead Man’s Party includes –

UnHoly Night – With Bubba laid up in the hospital, Skeeter takes to the field in this heart-warming (not really), family-friendly (not at all), completely serious (not even a little bit) holiday tale. Let’s face it, Skeeter’s almost as wrong as Bubba is, just in a completely different way.

Love Hurts – Bubba’s back, and he’s not nearly better than ever! Recuperating from injuries sustained in the line of duty, Bubba meets a hot nurse who promises to rehabilitate more than just his wounds. But when healthy people start dying in the hospital, Bubba has to double-bag his hospital gown and get to the bottom of things!

Dead Man’s Hand – Called to South Carolina to investigate a series of murders, Bubba finds himself in a battle with trolls and a showdown with a gambling leprechaun determined to turn our favorite Monster Hunter in kibble! How will Bubba outwit the maniacal monster from the Emerald Isle?

She’s Got Legs – In this, the whopping 15th story in the Bubba the Monster Hunter series Bubba has to do something he’s NEVER done before – resist temptation! And he’s on his own, without Agent Amy or Skeeter to help bail him out. Can he resist boobs and food long enough to save the day?

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Also included in Bubba the Monster Hunter Season 2.