May 27, 2017

Ballet of Blood – A Bubba the Monster Hunter Short Story

Cover Art for Ballet of Bloos

He’s back and badder than ever. Bubba the Monster Hunter returns in the hilarious follow-up to Voodoo Children. In Ballet of Blood, Bubba has to investigate a mysterious touring dance troupe that of course turns out to be more than he expected.

Bubba, backed up as always by the hilarious Skeeter, has to make do with his wits and what weapons he can find backstage at a theatre to get out of his most dangerous adventure yet.

Ballet of Blood is a novella, about 9,000 words or 30 pages long.

Ballet of Blood is available for purchase at our partner distributors:

This short story is also available in the Monsters Beware collection and Bubba the Monster Hunter Season 1.