February 19, 2017

Wothwood: A Broken Cities Novella

Wothwood Cover

A thrilling new tale in The Broken Cities Universe

For time out of mind, the Brezhian people have protected the Wothwood, their lore passed down for generations to each clan. While rumors of a lost city within the wood pervade their mythology, none dare enter the sacred grove, the living grave of their goddess, Noduuoret. But when the Therian army arrives, intent on learning the Wothwood’s secrets, three heroes arise to challenge the threat: Lon, the warrior in exile; Glannon, the young ruler who left him to die; and Aoda, the woman of science, disfigured but unbent.

Together, they enter the Wothwood. Drawn by revenge. Drawn by desire. And drawn by the thirst for knowledge.

Adventure awaits in the wood where the world is broken.

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