August 15, 2017

Attempted Immortality (Withrow Chronicles Book 4)

Cover Art for Attempted Immortality

Book 4 of The Withrow Chronicles, the hilarious award-winning vampire series.

Withrow Surrett, cantankerous vampire lord of North Carolina, is passing the long winter nights of the off-season in the sleepy resort town of Sunset Beach. Because where else would a vampire go but the beach? This is no vacation for Withrow and his cousin Roderick, though. They’re hunting down a nest of nasty elder vampires who want to take over the world!

But of course it’s not that simple, because for Withrow, nothing ever is. Withrow and Roderick – and their team of friends old and new – soon learn there are stranger things afoot than vampires’ machinations among the dunes of Sunset Beach: mysterious mortals, twisted sorceries, and fleeting apparitions. Through sabotage, espionage, and bare-knuckled brutality Withrow must find and stop the elder vampires before they play the ace up their sleeve!

The fists fly fast and furious in the fourth installment of this comedy vampire series, perfect for fans of Rick Gualtieri, Jeff Strand, or Christopher Moore.

Books of the Series:

Perishables: Withrow Chronicles (Book 1)
Tooth & Nail: Withrow Chronicles (Book 2)
Deal with the Devil: Withrow Chronicles (Book 3)
Attempted Immortality: Withrow Chronicles (Book 4)
Nobody Gets Out Alive: Withrow Chronicles (Book 5) – Forthcoming

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