November 4, 2016

The Shattered Queen & Other New Mythologies: A Broken Cities Miscellany

The Shattered Queen Cover ArtThe Grand Storytellers reminisce in the pale evenings, telling salvaged stories as the event horizon creeps toward their temples.

They speak of war-witches and disinherited queens, women who changed history and women who were made by the history of others.

They speak of a labyrinth, the body of a dying god, hollowed by time and carrion-feeders, and the creatures that once lurked within.

They tell their own stories, too, secrets snatched from dying planets and closing doors, adventurous centuries spent chasing the threads of forgotten mythologies.

They tell these stories as death consumes them, hoping that someone will remember.

The Shattered Queen and Other New Mythologies is a collection of unpublished and reprinted short stories and flash fiction from acclaimed author and editor Jaym Gates.

The stories are a mix of new weird and science fantasy, inspired by mythology, the visual works of Guillermo del Toro, and authors such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Phillip Jose Farmer, and Clark Ashton Smith.

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