February 11, 2018

Runaway: A New Templar Knights Novella (Monster Hunter Mom Book 2)

Most ordinary parents can chaperone a field trip without monsters attacking the museum.

There’s nothing ordinary about Jess Friedman.

Jess is one of the New Templar Knights, a secret band of Monster Hunters working with (and sometimes adjacent to) the Catholic Church to protect the world from magical and supernatural threats. Perfectly normal hobby for a nice Jewish mother of three, right?

Between Japanese fox spirits and disapproving trophy wives, Jess’s first outing as a chaperone is fast reminding her why she doesn’t go on field trips. Then there’s the whole thing with the egg, and the police, and then things start to get weird.

From the author of The Soul Wars comes the second installment in the hilarious, raucous, often explosive Monster Hunter Mom series, set in the world of Bubba the Monster Hunter, Mason Dixon, and Spells, Salt, & Steel.

The New Templars novella series is a new series of short novels, similar to BookShots.

Books in the New Templars – Monster Hunter Mom (Jess Friedman) series
Book 1: Tweety & the Monkey Man
Book 2: Runaway

New Templar series in the Bubbaverse
Caitlin Kelly
Mark Wojcik
Mason Dixon
Monster Hunter Mom (Jess Friedman)

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