December 20, 2016

Oh Bubba, Where Art Thou?

Oh Bubba, Where Art Thou Cover Art

Darrell Scott said it best when he said country music sounds tired, but it doesn’t sound Haggard, that is has money but it doesn’t have Cash. Well, Bubba is visited by the Ghosts of Music Past, Present, and Yet to Come in a Christmas Carol-style romp guided by legends of song to save Music from Auto-Tune Hell, literally!

Follow Bubba as he tries to save music, gets his butt kicked by a little girl, and duels a demon in a sing-off that would make Charlie Daniels proud as a demon comes to Muscle Shoals and Bubba time-travels with Hank Williams, Sr.!

And after all that, this Season 3 finale ends with a HUGE revelation about Bubba’s family that will leave audiences waiting with bated breath for the beginning of Bubba the Monster Hunter Season 4!

Oh, Bubba Where Art Thou? – A Bubba the Monster Hunter Jam is available for purchase at our partner distributors:

Also included in Bubba the Monster Hunter Season 3.