September 21, 2016


Midsummer CoverBubba gets high-tech and high-tone in this parody blend of PokemonGo, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and monster hunting!

There’s a new cell phone game that has teenagers wandering through cities on a mad hunt for digital fairies, but the game has a dark side. A teenage girl is missing in Nashville, and Bubba has to find her.

While hunting for the missing teen, Bubba finds himself sucked into a world beyond his understanding, and the only way he can get home is – he’s gotta catch ‘em all!

Not really. But he does have to shoot a lot of ‘em!

Cellphone apps, Shakespeare, and large-caliber bullets all jumble together in this latest adventure from everybody’s favorite monster-hunting redneck!

Midsummer – A Bubba the Monster Hunter Novella is available for purchase at our partner distributors:

Also included in Bubba the Monster Hunter Season 3.