May 27, 2017

Knight (un)Life

Cover Art for Knight (un)LIfe (The Black Knight Stories Vol. 1)

This collection of Black Knight Chronicles short stories features the ongoing adventures of Jimmy Black and Greg Knightwood (Hard Day’s Knight, Back in Black, Knight Moves).

Collected here for the first time are –

Gone Daddy Gone” – In this short story, Jimmy and Greg help a woman with a zombie problem, a husband with a wife problem, and a teenager with a step-parent problem, all at the same time!

Movie Knight” – There’s a demon on the loose in the hospital. So much for a relaxing night at home watching movies.

Black Magic Woman” – It’s the annual comic convention – what can go wrong?

“Turkey Day Debacle” – Jimmy and Abby go shopping for a Thanksgiving meal in this hilarious holiday short.

This collection also includes the first chapter of Hard Day’s Knight, Black Knight Chronicles Vol. 1

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