December 5, 2017

Cold as Ice – A Bubba the Monster Hunter novella

Cover for Cold as IceWhat do you do when your psychotic grandmother also happens to be Mab, the mad queen of the Winter Court of the Faerie, who has you and your friends imprisoned after you invade her realm searching for the long-lost sister you never knew you had?

Well, if you’re Bubba the Monster Hunter, you break out of prison, have a dance-off in the middle of a ball, and enter a mortal combat tournament against magical beasties.

If you’re not Bubba, then I don’t know what you’d do!

In Part 2 of Bubba the Monster Hunter Season 4, Bubba’s Adventures in Fairyland continue as he picks right up where the action in Into the Mystic left off. Join Bubba, Skeeter, Amy, and Father Joe as they try to navigate court politics and the image of Bubba in doublet and hose to find and rescue his sister Nitalia.

Cold as Ice is Part 2 of a 4-Part storyline, beginning with Into the Mystic. These linked novellas will form Bubba the Monster Hunter Season 4.

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