May 27, 2017

Bark at the Moon (Bubba the Monster Hunter Collection 5)

Cover Art for Bark at the Moon

It’s more Bubba, and more bad news for the monsters in the US! This volume collects four more stories of everybody’s favorite monster-chasing hillbilly!

Howl – Bubba and the gang take on the aftermath of Final Countdown in this raucous adventure! When a Sasquatch comes knockin’ on Skeeter’s door, Bubba knows business is about to pick up! Follow the gang through ambushes, twists, turns, fights and funerals as they move closer to confronting Bubba’s crazy brother!

Double Trouble – Bubba, Skeeter and Agent Amy are back and at it again! A doppelgänger is robbing banks all over the Southeast masquerading as Elvis! Bubba and Amy have to track down the shapeshifter before the King causes more trouble and things get even more “all shook up!”

Elf Off the Shelf – It’s Christmas time and mayhem has found Bubba once again! In the middle of the town Christmas parade, an angry elf with a sword has decided to make a point about the observation of the winter solstice. And he makes his point with a big honking’ sword! Bubba, Skeeter, Agent Amy and Uncle Father Joe have to band together to save Christmas!

Casket Case – Bubba’s back, and he’s running through the graveyard! Somebody’s been digging up bones in a small mountain town in Tennessee, and it’s up to Bubba and the gang to figure out what’s bumping in the night this time! Before he gets done with this case, Bubba will get arrested, get sprung, attend a funeral, hood surf a limo, end up with a Lincoln hood ornament shoved where the sun don’t shine, shoot a bunch of monsters, and blow up a local business.

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Also included in Bubba the Monster Hunter Season 2.