August 15, 2017

Deal with the Devil (Withrow Chronicles Book 3)

Cover Art for Deal with the Devil

Book 3 of The Withrow Chronicles, the tales of the snarkiest vampire North Carolina has ever seen!

Durham, North Carolina has industry, commerce, a university education, a heck of a basketball team, a snarky vampire, technopagans, and a masked vigilante…

Wait, what?!?

Well, that escalated quickly.

Withrow deals with a rookie superheroine, an extra vampire, friggin’ teenagers, and technopagan witches, all while trying to figure out his place in the world. And kick some ass.

Oh yeah, kick a LOT of ass.

The fists fly fast and furious in the third installment of this comedy vampire series, perfect for fans of Rick Gualtieri, Jeff Strand, or Christopher Moore.

Books of the Series:

Perishables: Withrow Chronicles (Book 1)
Tooth & Nail: Withrow Chronicles (Book 2)
Deal with the Devil: Withrow Chronicles (Book 3)
Attempted Immortality: Withrow Chronicles (Book 4)
Nobody Gets Out Alive: Withrow Chronicles (Book 5) – Forthcoming

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