August 15, 2017

Tooth & Nail (Withrow Chronicles Book 2)

Cover Art for Tooth & Nail

Book 2 of the side-splitting vampire comedy The Withrow Chronicles.

Withrow Surrett, the most sarcastic vampire for a country mile, makes an annual Appalachian pilgrimage to keep tabs on nocturnal colleagues and his last living friend from mortal days. What should be a quiet week among familiar faces quickly fills with undead rednecks, folk magic, murder, a rookie detective and Withrow’s own psychotic cousin who insists on trying to help. Because everybody’s got THAT cousin, even a vampire.

As he chases the phantoms of conspiracy and paranoia across moonlit forests, abandoned factories, shadowy back roads and seedy bars – all the quiet little places humans fear to tread – Withrow also struggles with who he wants to be. Can a monster find a place among family and friends?

Fans of The Black Knight Chronicles, The Tome of Bill, and Fred, the Vampire Accountant will love this series.

Books of the Series:

Perishables: Withrow Chronicles (Book 1)
Tooth & Nail: Withrow Chronicles (Book 2)
Deal with the Devil: Withrow Chronicles (Book 3)
Attempted Immortality: Withrow Chronicles (Book 4)
Nobody Gets Out Alive: Withrow Chronicles (Book 5) – Forthcoming

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