June 1, 2016

Thief of Shadows


The savannah has been conquered.

As the Gypian Empire grinds its heel on the natives of Juut, Manwe the Panther strives to throw back his peoples’ oppressors from the shadowed corners of Tolivius, an archaic city ruled by the corrupt and wealthy. With only his blade, his wits, and an unshakable will, he risks life and love to fuel a rebellion.

Yet every shadow breeds darker things than even the Gypians can muster. Pushed to the limits of his skills, Manwe faces off with horrid shamans, ancient evils, and a cunning wizard who beguiles his mind and his heart. When every step is questioned, every decision doubted, he must steel himself with a harsh, unquestionable truth:

All revolutions begin in the dark.

NOTE: The complete Saga of Manwe is now available in one volume: Thief of Destiny.

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