March 14, 2017

Into the Mystic – A Bubba the Monster Hunter Novella

Cover Art - Into the Mystic

Bubba’s mama came to him for help, and now he’s got absent mama drama!

Why did his mother abandon her family all those years ago?
What is this about a sister?
And what does she mean she’s a fairy princess?

Does this mean Bubba is a fairy? That’s just weird.

Bubba, Agent Amy, Skeeter, Uncle Father Joe, and Mama have to go to FairyLand to save Bubba’s sister from Puck, the trickster from Midsummer. He’s kidnapped baby sis and is going to use her as leverage against Mad Queen Mab. Or maybe against Titania and Oberon. Or maybe he’s go some other plan up his squirrelly sleeves.

To get his sister back, Bubba has to travel all over the south to find a way to get Into the Mystic.

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