June 1, 2016

Cinched: Imagination Unbound

Cinched Cover

The corset. Rarely has any garment held such allure, such mystery, so attraction for men and women alike. From a simple foundation garment to a fashion statement all its own, the corset has held the imagination for centuries.

This collection of stories from some of the brightest fantasy writers in the world run the gamut from steampunk to horror, from steamy romance to weird western, from victorian thriller to contemporary bondage. But they all feature one thing in common – the corset. From vampire comedy to steampunk action to BDSM, Cinched is certain to free your mind. What else will follow?

Featuring stories by:

John G. Hartness Herika Raymer
Gail Z. Martin & Larry N. Martin Dave Harlequin
Misty Massey RD Stevens
Emily Lavin Leverett Andrea Judy
Kimberly Richardson Nico Serene
Sarah Joy Adams Eden Royce
MB Weston

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