Anthology Release: We Are Not This

From Our Business Manager and Acquiring Editor

At this point in my career I’ve been a part of a lot of wonderful anthologies, but this one is closer to my heart both professionally and personally. I am honored that “The Gem of Acitus”, the first story from THE SAGA OF THE PANTHER, was included in a collection of stories featuring great authors like Natania Barron, Faith Naff, Theresa Glover, Jim McDonald, Edmund Schubert, Teresa Frohock, Jake Bible, Tamsin Silver, Caryn Studham Sutorus, Trevor Curtis, and so many others who provided fiction that is not only wonderful but incredibly important to what is going on today.

Stories in this anthology reach deep into the hearts of so many who have been forgotten, discriminated against, and abused for the sake of a political wing of the NC legislature that cares nothing save for what their constituents can do to line their pockets and oppressing those that don’t fit into a specific worldview. As someone who has always been and remains proud to be of North Carolina, the work many in our state government have done to disenfranchise citizens they are appointed to serve is unethical to say the least–especially when the signing of HB2 was a reaction to my city of Charlotte working to make our growing metropolis more inclusive and at peace with itself in the most democratic and ethical manner possible by listening to its citizens.

This anthology is for those that were left out, those that were shamed for being who they are, and for those that are still fighting. Let’s fight forever until everyone is as free as we are all supposed to be.

All proceeds generated from this anthology go to nonprofit organizations focused on promoting LGBTQ rights and support. And remember to vote this year!

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Jay Requard

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